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Learn about Wangjiang

Wangjiang Hotel Chengdu is the only five-star garden hotel in urban Chengdu. Covering a ground area of 150 mu, it is known for its beauty demonstrated in a tranquil and leafy environment. Here it is perennially green with various birds and flowers; it has terraces and waterside pavilions with streams running underneath and is a natural oxygen bar, presenting a scene where “the hotel blends in with the landscape and people are in the picture.” Decorations are perfectly finished with great craftsmanship everywhere, ensuring that the hotel maximally respects and preserves natural essence – fresh, lively with birds chirping, courtyard, plants...


High-end meeting

We will provide you with modern conference facilities and professional and standard conference services in a follow-up manner during your meetings at Wangjiang Hotel, which will make your meeting activities relaxed and comfortable while meeting your personalized needs. The well-equipped and fully functional business center provides you with all kinds of modern business services. Our services and facilities will exceed your imagination.


Cozy room

The hotel has three accommodation buildings, namely, Wufu Building, Hongda Building and Villa Building. It has 467 rooms and can accommodate more than 700 people at the same time. Its indoor facilities are equipped with advanced and comfortable facilities. It is warm and considerate to serve guests and will accompany you through a pleasant and comfortable time.

Perfect wedding reception

Create a perfect wedding of high quality for you.
After a long time of expectation
At last, get married with your true lov
Two people
Two mingling hearts
A happy little family
was born in Wangjiang Hotel, which is covered with green shade all year round, with flowers and birds in profusion, winding paths leading to seclusion and murmuring streams.
Wangjiang hotel is with you to witness this happy moment and to offer our sincere wishes!


Garden view

Wangjiang Hotel has a green area of more than 120 mu, accounting for 80% of its total ground area. The Eco-square of the hotel is home to abundant vegetation, totaling 2,638 plants of 176 species. The square has more than 200 stumps of various sizes, ten of which are from trees of a hundred years or older, making them highly valuable; it boasts over 600 species of ornamental floral plants and more than dozens of ornamental fruit plants. In terms of landscape, the hotel is perennially full of floral fragrance in a tranquil environment where the air is fresh and birds are chirping; it has extensive trails, where you can walk in leisure and appreciate the plants and winding paths to comfort and relax yourself.

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